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Greater New Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. was organized September 20, 1992 by 
Rev. Kelvin L. Elston. The membership total was approximately 22. The place of worship was 
406 S. Tennessee Street, a big, empty warehouse. This warehouse was eventually transformed 
into a beautiful place of worship to a membership that grew to approximately 100. 
After two years, God blessed the church family to purchase the former St. Francis Catholic 
Church at 32 St. Francis Place. The address was changed to 69 Cassville Road. The first service
was held on July 24, 1994. Beginning August 7, 1994, it became necessary to have two services, 
9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. as membership had increased to 150 members. Rev. Elston remained as 
Pastor until February 26, 1995. The church was incorporated on May 4, 1995 as New Fellowship 
Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.On August 20, 1995, Rev. Roosevelt White Sr. was installed as 
Pastor and remained as such until August 17, 1998. Under his leadership, the church name was 
changed and re-incorporated as New Fellowship Community Church, Inc. on March 30, 1998. 
On August 9, 1999, Rev. Willie J. E. Coombs, being led by God, accepted his calling to become 
the Pastor. At this time, the membership was approximately 15 members. The church family
unanimously agreed to change the name to Greater New Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.
because the Lord had truly blessed us with bigger and better. In 2002, the first Deacons of the
church were ordained. Under Pastor Coombs leadership, the membership has grown to over 225 members 
during the year of 2003. With the increase in members, we have been blessed to have a Youth Choir
in place for 2 years, a Male Chorus for 2 years and a Young Adult Choir for 1 year. Pastor Coombs' 
vision of an on-site school has been realized with the assistance of Dr. Maurice L. Wilson. 
Greater New Fellowship now has a licensed and incorporated after- school program and summer camp. 
And on November 9, 2003, we began our 8:00 a.m. Worship service with large turn-out. We are looking
forward to our future plans of expansion, either through enlargement or purchase. We have always 
expected great things from the Lord and as you can see, HE NEVER FAILS!
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